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Cathy FitzGerald is a writer, producer and presenter. Her first radio documentary – The Magic Carpet Flight Manual – was broadcast on the BBC World Service in 2010 and won the Radio Academy Production Award for Best Newcomer. Since then she’s made many more award-winning features for the BBC, including Dreaming Dickens (Prix Marulic), No Greater Love (Third Coast Festival and Prix Marulic), Skylarking (Prix Marulic) and Little Volcanoes (Whicker’s World).

She made three documentaries in 2014: two were chosen as ‘Pick of the Year’ in The Guardian (The Yellow Cab Blues and How to Dig a Grave); the third was ‘Pick of the Year’ on BBC Radio 4 (Skylarking).

She won Radio Academy Production Awards for Feature-Maker of the Year and Producer of the Year in 2015.

If you’d like to listen, this is a good place to start Third Coast Audio Festival Re:sound The Cathy FitzGerald Show

When not making documentaries, she’s the caretaker of Radio 4’s Invisible College, and writes websites, audio tours and apps for many of the UK’s major cultural institutions including The National Gallery, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, the V&A, Buckingham Palace and Historic Scotland. She has a DPhil on the works of Charles Dickens.